Tiff’s Treats, headquartered in Austin, TX, has been delivering classic, baked-to-order cookies and other sweet treats since 1999. Since its founding, when founders Tiffany and Leon were delivering cookies from a small college apartment to students at the University of Texas in Austin, the concept has stayed simple: Warm delicious cookies delivered to you. Tiff’s Treats has retail locations in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Atlanta. 

In January 2021, FG1 made a secondary investment in the parent company.

Madewell and J. Crew

Through Grey Helm Capital, LLC, a Dallas based special situations investment firm, FG1 was presented with a unique opportunity to invest in an Special Purpose Vehicle that had acquired post-reorganization equity from Chinos Holdings, the holding company of apparel brands Madewell and J.Crew. Madewell is a fast-growing retail brand that offers a full apparel product assortment rooted in high quality denim that appeals to a broad demographic. J. Crew is a mature retail business with significant brand awareness and value.

In January of 2022, FG1 made an equity investment through Grey Helm Capital.

Sothern Scoops and Abbott's Frozen Custard

Southern Scoops, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is the master franchise for all Abbott’s Frozen Custard in the State of Texas. Abbott’s Frozen Custard is headquartered in Rochester, NY and has been serving exceptional frozen custard for over 100 years. FG1 has backed an experienced management team, led by CEO Barry Barron, who will spearhead the development and franchising efforts for the Abbott’s brand and Southern Scoops within Texas.

In February of 2022, FG1 made an equity investment in the opportunity.


Onramp, headquartered in Austin, TX, provides working capital financial solutions to e-commerce small and medium-sized businesses through plug-ins with Amazon, Shopify, and others that streamlines the approval process and puts cash in entreprenuers hands quickly.

In March of 2022, FG1 made a growth equity investment.


C-SMART, headquartered outside of Denver, CO, provides real-time cloud based solutions that empower the natural gas supply chain to harness the full potential of today’s smart, connected IoT devices in order to reduce error rates, maximize measurement certainty, and deepen the energy and power & utlities space understanding of carbon intensity.

In March of 2022, FG1 completed a buyout from the previous owner.

Cold Creek Solutions

Cold Creek Solutions, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a full-service developer of cold storage warehouses and logistics facilities. Founded in early 2021, Cold Creek Solutions aims to meet the increasing demand for food products across the U.S. with new, state-of-the-art facilities.

FG1 backed an experienced operator in the space with an equity investment in the Denton, TX facility and realized the investment in October 2022. FG1 realized its investment in the San Antonio, TX project in early 2023.

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Barry Barron, Sr.

Operating Partner

Barry has over 35 years of experience, primarily within the restaurant and food and beverage industries. He was most recently Chief Operating Officer of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants in Dallas, TX. Previously, Barry served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Buffet Partners Holding Company, where he oversaw the strategic restructuring of the multi-brand restaurant conglomerate. He also served as Chief Executive Officer for Red Mango USA, a frozen yogurt and smoothie franchise, where his strategic planning efforts resulted in the company being named the number one yogurt and smoothie chain in America by Zagat. Barry held executive leadership positions at ACE Cash Express, Papa John’s Pizza, and PepsiCo. At ACE, he helped grow the chain from 700 to 1,800 locations during his tenure as Chief Operating Officer. At Papa John’s, he led international expansion efforts and was instrumental in the rapid growth of the brand. Barry published Succeeding as a Chief Operating Officer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Century University.